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Please read through and follow these directions before filling out the Purchase Request form:

You may use one form for multiple vendors. Group items from same vendor together on the form.

Utilizing a shopping cart feature ensures ordering accuracy. If you have the option of assigning a shopping cart on the website, create the cart and include the cart link on the purchase request (McMaster-Carr, DigiKey). For sites that don’t have a shopping cart option (Amazon) consider using: Share-A-Cart.

If you need to have an item manufactured uploading your own files/specs, set up your account with the company and add in all information for the order up to the point of payment. Then submit a purchase request with all corresponding information for the order (login and password if needed) and/or share a shopping cart. The office will complete your order by making payment.

Home Depot does not allow for certain items (lumber) to be purchased online, they must be bought in-store. If you need to purchase an item in person, you will need to get approval from your advisor and then request reimbursement.

Purchasing nominal 3rd party gift cards (i.e. Starbucks, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) may not exceed $25.00. Please follow directions at: Gift Cards – Procure to Pay – Cal Poly. Email the Gift Card Request Form to the BMED office. Please submit a Hospitality Form (PDF) with your request.

To print shirts or merchandise with Cal Poly branding/logos follow the directions at University Brand – Trademark Licensing ( Set up your order with a Cal Poly approved vendor. The vendor will guide you on their process. Submit a purchase request and a Hospitality Form (PDF). The office will complete your order by making payment.

The least expensive shipping rate will be chosen unless indicated otherwise.

The office does not track your budget. When planning your project budget, remember that taxes and shipping will be added to the final cost.  

All email from the vendor regarding your order (confirmation, shipping, final invoice) will be forwarded to your Cal Poly email.

If you have ordered an item that is temperature sensitive/needs refrigeration, it is your responsibility to track your package and ensure that you are able to properly take care of it upon delivery.  

It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of any items on backorder and contact the office immediately when an issue arises.

Place Your Order: Complete a Purchase Request form (for goods up to $2,500.00) to have the office purchase your requested items with the department procurement card. By submitting this order, you are confirming that you have read the above directions and understand your responsibility.  Purchase Request (Adobe Sign)

Ship-to Address: Inter-D Project: Cal Poly Mustang ’60 Machine Shop

Returns / Issues With Your Order:  If you need to return an item, first contact the company regarding their return policy.  Once you have the information needed to make the return, email the office with the details.

Mustang ’60 Machine Shop: To set up paying for CNC machining contact the Mustang ’60 Machine Shop. Your machining needs will be evaluated and a shop tech will be assigned. The tech assigned to you will complete the proper paperwork and send the bill to the ME department for processing when the work is completed. Please refrain from buying any material before talking to the tech you are working with. Considerations could need to be made for holding the material in the machine beyond the outer dimensions of the parts themselves. You will need to provide: student name, phone, address, signature, org key or fund number for billing (ask your faculty).

This process is only to be used if the department procurement card is not available and approved by your project advisor. Student purchases project materials utilizing their own funds and request reimbursement. Note: Reimbursement is not guaranteed, only to be used if you are sure that your purchase complies with eligibility requirements. 

Please hold all receipts and wait to submit for reimbursement until all your project purchasing is complete.

Reimbursement Form: Please ask your faculty where your funds are coming from, State or CPC, to select the correct reimbursement form.

If you are utilizing State FundsReimbursement Form. Please download, fill out and email the form to the office in its original excel format. The office will fill in Chartfields on Step 4. You will receive an email when your reimbursement check is available for pickup in the GENE office. 

If you are utilizing CPC FundsCheck Request Form (Excel), Cal Poly Corporation Forms and Instructions. Please download, fill out and email the form to the office in its original excel format. The office will fill in Org Key and Object Codes. Your reimbursement check will be mailed to you. 

Receipts: Number your itemized receipts/invoices (photo or scan is acceptable). They must include the following information:


Vendor or payee name

Amount paid, showing shipping and tax separately

Proof of payment (cash, credit card, personal check)

Description of the item(s) purchased

If you are missing a receipt using State funds, please fill out a Lost Receipt Form.

If you are missing a receipt using CPC funds, please fill out a Missing Receipt Form.

Proof of Payment: Attach proof of payment in the form of a bank statement or a screenshot of the charges on your credit card (personal information may be blacked out).

Please submit a Hospitality Form (PDF) with your reimbursement request if this is for an event/hosting (includes food, beverages, or merchandise).

Email form in its original excel format and all required documentation to the office who will route it for signature approval and submit it for payment processing.  Please note that reimbursements typically take two weeks for processing once it is approved by the GENE office for payment.

Domestic Individual Student Travel to a Non-Banned State

Before your trip: All travel must be discussed and approved by your faculty at least 1 week prior to travel. There are different allowable expenses depending on the project you are working on. 

Fill out Travel Pre-Authorization (Adobe Sign). Use your Cal Poly email and complete all highlighted fields.

If you will be traveling to the same site several times during the academic year you only need to complete the form one time. Indicate in the date fields:  From= Sept-Current Year, To= July-Year

You must be 18 years or older to complete this process. If you are under the age of 18, contact the office for the correct paperwork.

Even if you are not the driver you will be asked to complete section STD. 261 – Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business. 

Save a copy of the approved/signed form to submit with your Travel Claim.

Drivers: If you will be driving you MUST complete all steps of the Risk Management Driver Safety Program before you travel: Driver Safety – Risk Management – AFD – Cal Poly  NOTE: You are not authorized to drive until you have received notification of approval from Risk Management. Due to high request volume, please submit applications and supplemental documentation at least 30 days prior to travel.

After your trip: Within 10 days from the return of your trip complete and email the office the following together: 

Travel Claim Form: Complete the form and email it to the office in the original excel format.  It will be routed back to you for signature.  

Google Map: If you will be claiming mileage, download a copy of a map showing your route and miles. 

Travel Pre-Authorization: Include your approved/signed Travel Pre-Authorization.

Receipts: Attach receipts for expenses $40 or more. Receipts must show final cost, itemized list of what was purchased, proof of payment, and date of purchase. If you no longer have a copy of a receipt then a Lost Receipt Form must be turned in for expenses $40 or more. 

Proof of Payment: Bank statement showing charge (personal information may be blacked out).

Travel Claim Guidance: Review the Travel Claim Guide (pdf). Items highlighted yellow need to be answered. Hover over the highlighted area for details of what to include.

More information can be found at University Travel Policy:  University Travel and International Travel: International Center