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Daniel Jansen, PhD, PE

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Welcome to the General Engineering Program! General Engineering (GENE) is a degree program where engineering students create their own curricula to match their own interests or career objectives when they cannot be met by one of the established programs within the College of Engineering.   Emphasis areas studied by GENE majors span a wide range, from audio engineering to sustainable energy to product design, to name a few.  As the faculty advisor for GENE majors, I enjoy learning about the many different courses of study pursued by GENE students, and I derive a lot of satisfaction in assisting them in achieving their educational and career goals.    

In our latest newsletter, I'm delighted to introduce you to some of our GENE students; the diversity and aim of their interests exemplify the purpose and spirit of GENE.  The senior project work of Anna Laird (GENE '17) won a first place award in the Student Challenge division of the 2017 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge.  Anna Shabrova (GENE '18) studied audio engineering as a GENE major, and as the co-president of Cal Poly's Audio Engineering Society she organized Cal Poly's first-ever AudioCon.  You'll also meet some of our newest GENE majors as well as some recent GENE graduates, and learn more about why they elected to major in GENE and about some of their favorite things at Cal Poly.  A profile of GENE's new administrative support coordinator, Kim McCann, also appears in the newsletter.

Unlike many other majors, a large portion (at least 40 units) of the GENE curriculum consists of advanced technical electives that GENE students have the freedom to select.  While each GENE student pursues his or her own distinct and individualized course of study, many GENE majors share a spirit of independence, self-motivation, and a clearly-defined career vision.  I hope to build a greater sense of community among GENE students through these shared qualities, and I encourage GENE students to join the General Engineering Club to meet their fellow GENE students and to support each other's inspired and exciting academic journeys!

I'd also like to enhance a greater sense of community by inviting members of the extended GENE community - alumni, employers, family, and friends - to engage with us.  There are many ways in which you can connect with us, including sponsorship of a senior project or internship, serving on the General Engineering External Advisory Board, or via donations.  Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to help.  Your support plays a critical role in helping our General Engineering students get a strong start toward achieving their professional dreams.

here to serve you,
               Dan Jansen

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