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  • General (or Multidisciplinary) Engineering Concentration: The curriculum for the General concentration (PDF) is designed for students who want a broad-based education in engineering that covers several major engineering disciplines in detail.  Note:  A GENE major is assumed to be pursuing this concentration by default, unless (s)he declares an individual course of concentration.
  • Individualized Course of Study (ICS) Concentration: The flexibility of the curriculum for the ICS concentration (PDF) allows students to create - in consultation with the GENE Director - a plan of study that enables them to reach their individual academic and professional goals.  The curriculum for the ICS concentration includes more than 40 units of technical electives in order to provide students with the latitude to develop depth in their particular area(s) of interest.  Examples of emphasis areas pursued by GENE students under the ICS concentration include audio engineering, chemical engineering, sustainable energy, engineering entrepreneurship, product design, and pre-med studies. To select the ICS concentration, an ICS form must be submitted to the GENE Office and approved by the GENE Director and Engineering Student Services.

Students who successfully complete the GENE curriculum receive a B.S. in General Engineering, with their concentration noted on their transcript.  (Note:  The emphasis area - such as audio engineering, sustainable energy product design, etc. - is not noted on the transcript.)

Switching Your Major Into GENE

Please read the change of major information from the Cal Poly academic policies website.  Please note that the Engineering Student Services Office (not the GENE Office) manages switches into GENE. 

  1. If you have not yet successfully completed your first quarter at Cal Poly, you are not permitted to change your major.  You must successfully complete at least one full quarter at Cal Poly before you are allowed to switch majors.  There are no exceptions to this university rule.
  2. If you have successfully completed your first quarter at Cal Poly: Please follow the instructions for changing majors. Not following these instructions will complicate and delay your switch.
  3. Please note that you must be in good academic standing in order to change majors.  If you want to switch into GENE, you must have at least a 2.0 Cal Poly cumulative GPA.  There are no exceptions to these conditions.

Please note that submitting an ICS form does not constitute switching majors to GENE.

Switching out GENE to Another Major

If you are switching majors from GENE, please contact the advising office of the college of the major to which you are switching manages with switch (see Advising Centers).

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